Insurance Planning


Life Insurance Protection

Orchestral Financial Group is totally independent from any one life insurance company, or any particular product. We are free to shop for the most affordable coverage among dozens of highly rated insurance companies.

You may benefit from a review of your existing life insurance because there may be hidden problems in your present insurance policies, which have the potential to trigger unexpected, additional costs in the years ahead.

Innovative products, such as lifetime no-lapse guaranteed policies, may help meet your life insurance needs with more guarantees at a more affordable cost than your current plan of coverage.  No-lapse guaranteed policies generally guarantee that your premium will never go up, and your death benefit will never go down, regardless of the date of death, provided that you pay your premiums on time and in full.  Most life insurance companies are offering this lifetime-guaranteed product to reasonably healthy applicants at relatively affordable rates.

Long-Term Care Insurance Protection

If you have ever cared for a loved one in a long-term care setting, then you know the emotional and financial challenges associated with getting this care.

Long-term care insurance helps people with chronic, disabling conditions pay for assistance with the activities of daily living, whether received from caregivers in your home, in a nursing home, or an assisted-living facility. Unlike Medicare and other forms of health insurance, long-term care insurance is the only form of protection that will pay for this care over an extended period of time. Medicaid, a social welfare program, may step in to pay for this care, but the applicant must meet certain strict financial requirements in order to qualify.

Long term care insurance may help you: 

  • Select the facility (including your home) and the quality of care that you truly want
  • Avoid relying upon family members to care for you
  • Preserve assets and secure retirement income for the benefit of your loved ones

In New York State, there is a program called the New York State Partnership for Long-Term Care which may be particularly helpful for those who wish to protect their assets.  New York also offers certain tax incentives that may reduce the cost of your premiums. Many associations and employers offer discount programs to help further reduce the cost of this important coverage.

When we offer long-term care insurance protection, we remain independent in order to recommend the company, and the long-term care coverage, that truly fits your needs.


Eligibility for coverage and the pricing of premiums for life and long-term care insurance are subject to evaluation of your health and medical circumstances by the underwriting departments of the insurance companies.