Socially Responsible Investing


For those who would like to see their invested savings aligned with their core values, Orchestral Financial Group offers a proprietary portfolio which takes into consideration socially responsible investment themes.  


Our Paradigm Portfolio has an investment objective of modest growth of capital and includes a preference for aligning the portfolio with socially responsible themes. We seek to meaningfully reflect socially conscious and environmentally compassionate values within the portfolio by supporting companies that embrace an enlightened approach to their business operations.  We target the securities of companies that respect the environment, treat their employees fairly, and engage in ethical business practices, while avoiding those whose standards and practices are deemed to be harmful or abusive. We look for companies that have operations in industries conducive to socially responsible activities, such as water infrastructure and purification, alternative and renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste and recycling management and technologies, pollution control, environmental support services, and others that the investment manager may identify.


When we believe that the financial markets generally are in a period of relative stability, we will favor allocating your assets to investments as described above. However, when we believe that the financial markets are generally in a period of relative instability, we will make preserving your portfolio values our primary focus.